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Active participation in climate and environmental protection is an important concern for PREMA. For us, recycling sales packaging is an expression of sustainable business. It serves to save energy, resources and emissions. We therefore decided to participate in the Dual System for the recycling of sales packaging as part of the “Grüner Punkt” (Green Dot) initiative and have now been awarded the initiative's environmental certificate for our 2020 commitment.

Over the course of 2020, we have managed to avoid as much CO² as 8,830 square metres of forest can filter out of the air. This area corresponds to about 1.2 times the area of a football field. As the certificate confirms, our use has saved CO² equivalents, crude oil equivalents and phosphate equivalents of a relevant magnitude, as well as primary energy and sulphur dioxide equivalents. In 2020, we consequently contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gases and thus decisively to climate protection.

Since 1990, the Grüner Punkt has ensured that sales packaging is recycled and makes services relating to environmental protection transparent. This also includes the “Grüner Punkt Environmental Certificate” award, which confirms the positive effect of recycling in addition to the saving of CO2 equivalents in four further impact categories and which has now been awarded to PREMA.