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Long-term sale: attractive prices for PREMA valves and balance weights!

PREMA offers a wide range of valves and balance weights – now PREMA offers you the chance to discover this variety at special prices. Our long-term sale starts now and lasts until December 31st, 2016. These lists give you an overview of the products on sale. For more products, more information and immediate order please visit our web shop and do not hesitate to contact us!

Balance weights

  • Universal balance weights, galvanised for steel or for alloy rims, 5 g – 60 g
  • Balance weights for truck wheels, lead uncoated, 50 g – 300 g
  • Universal adhesive weights with blue adhesive tape, steel galvanised or rubber-coated
  • Roll of adhesive weights, steel

Valves and accessories

  • Snap-in valves for cars and vans
  • Valve extensions, flexible or made of plastics, and Valve extension holders
  • Valve caps
  • Metal valves