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Gibt’s was Neues? Bleiben Sie immer auf dem Laufenden mit den PREMA-News!

Do you want to see how you can easily and professionally give a new life to a damaged tyre? Our partner STAHLGRUBER GmbH delivers an impressive demonstration on YouTube. The company specializes in sales of workshop equipment and tyre repair material. It operates a YouTube channel called "STAtube", where vloggers Dani and Markus regularly upload clips about interesting facts for the car repair workshop. In their tyre repair special they show how to eliminate a nail-hole damage quickly and keeping up high safety standards – with the help of PREMA products such as the PREMA combi kit and several repair fluids. Their conclusion: Tyre change is not always necessary. It's worthwhile to repair good material instead of replacing it. Curious? Watch the video here!

Information, live demonstrations, presentations and professional exchange concerning all aspects of automotive repair: this is the mix that STAHLGRUBER performance shows provide to get the industry into shape for tomorrow. As a partner of STAHLGRUBER, PREMA was also involved during the last two events in Sindelfingen and Nurnberg in October...


PREMA offers a wide range of valves and balance weights – now PREMA offers you the chance to discover this variety at special prices. Our long-term sale starts


For good and clean work in your workshop: PREMA Hand Cleaner SOFT contains vegetable oils that already nurture your skin during the cleaning process.